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the melting pot of all things good.

because we spread some joy.

❝ bea ❞
7 June
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this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but a whimper

hi, my name is bea - just the crazy lady down the block who flails all the time. the journal is friends-locked, but feel free to add me. i have many fandoms so i'm sure we'll have something in common.

the avengers. band of brothers. the big bang theory. csi. due south. final fantasy. generation kill. grimm. hawaii five-0. hockey rpf. house. inception. kingdom hearts. merlin. the mighty ducks. person of interest. pokemon. sherlock. southland. star trek. stargate atlantis. stargate sg-1. suits. supernatural. teen wolf. the world ends with you. white collar. x-men: first class.



credit. LAYOUTS

All layouts (journal and profile alike) I have used, am using, and will be using are all made by minty_peach with modifications made by me.